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The Hebrew Words

The words listed in this section are an almost identical copy of the glossary in my book, "Exposing Lucifer" in Kindle edition or Paperback. Naturally these are words, ideas, or concepts discussed in the book's chapters. If we are going to truly understand the Hebrew Scriptures, we have to know what they actually say, and what they really mean.

This section does not follow the chronologic order of the Hebrew Aleph Beyt but, rather, the order of the English Alphabet. The Aleph Beyt Category follows the chronologic order of the Hebrew Aleph Beyt.

The Hebrew Scriptures are filled with idioms that were commonly understood by the Israelites 2,000 to 3,500 years ago. Without digging into the culture and the language of that era, we cannot possibly understand the messages they were conveying by looking at the Scriptures from a contemporary Hellenistic culture.

The word "devil", for example, meant someone whose actions and speech were queer and/or socially unacceptable - a lunatic, a mentally ill person. To correctly translate James 2:19, "Even the devils believe and tremble" into modern English would render the verse: "Even the lunatics believe and tremble." This is a very hard pill for most people to swallow because it is very difficult to get over one's denominational indoctrinations. And this is why Yeshua said, "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled". He was not talking about eating and drinking. Yeshua was speaking about those that have the drive and initiative to dig and dig and seek the truth, for they shall find it - and it will set them free. But those who want a teacher, preacher, evangelist, or priest to tell them what to believe will always be chained to mythological pagan superstitions.

Think of this glossary as a starting point of the journey to truth. Do some studying and research to prove or disprove the things you read here. But either way keep the discovery of the truth as your ultimate goal.

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