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Do Not Take My Word For Anything

I walk within the human condition. It makes me susceptible to human fallibility. Preachers, teachers, scholars, business people, and even politicians are susceptible to not being 100% correct. As information unfolds and conditions change, so does our human views and reasoning. Are your beliefs exactly the same as they were 15 years ago? Or has new information come to light that has moved you in different, if not opposite, direction(s)?

Because of this I ask that you do not take my word as infallible - it clearly is not. What I have set to writing is over 30 years of research, trials, tribulations, abundance, and leanness. What I share with you throughout these pages are my deepest heartfelt understandings of "the faith once delivered to the set-apart believers". And because I was not there to hear the Master's teachings from His own mouth, I can only piece together what I have as scriptures and historical records. These things I have pulled together to form my faith views.

Where Are You

You might not be as far along as I am. You might be much further ahead than me. You might find some of what I say is like getting your teeth pulled or fingernails scratching a chalkboard because it is new to you. You might find a strong resistance to some of these writings because they go against the grain of your religious indoctrination. You might peruse these writings and chuckle because you find I still have much more to learn based on your advanced years.

As you read through here, keep in mind where you are in halacha (the walk). Examine what I say, research it, find evidence that refutes or supports it. Don't just think, or say, "You are wrong because my Pastor says...", or, "Our denomination teaches that..." That is a sign of a weak and lazy mind. It is what "sheeple" are made of. Remember, "Blessed are they who HUNGER and THIRST after (pursue) righteousness..."

The Sum Of Scripture

I have stated this countless times throughout the years. Listen carefully and contemplate it, if you will. "The sum of all scripture, from the very first word in Bereshit (which is Bereshit - In the beginning) to the very final word in Revelation, is a love story between your Elohim and you. It is His love letter to you. It is not a rule book for you to determine where others should be."

Lacha dodi (if you do not know what this means, research it and you will find it's incredible beauty).

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