Our New Responsive Web Site

Androids, Nooks, and i Pads came into the fray causing new frustrations for developers and site owners. Excuse the cliche', but necessity [truly] is the mother of invention. Welcome to the world of "Responsive Design".

What is "Responsive Design"?

featuresIt's a way to take your web site and content across multiple devices without losing aesthetics or functionality. In other words, it's a one time web site design that adjusts itself (responsive) depending on the device it is being viewed on. It eliminates creating several web site designs to accommodate different devices.

Are you ready for a test drive?

If you have an Android, i Pad, FireHD... open it up and view this web site on that device. Then look at it on a computer. If you are at your desktop or laptop computer, here's a fun little thing to do. Click on the very top of your browser and drag it down. Then click on the left or right side of your browser pane and drag it in to narrow the view. Shape your browser to the size of an Android, then the size of an iPad or Kindle Fire. Watch how this web site adjusts itself as you change the dimensions of your browser.

Our Home Page

There are two ways to visit the links on the Home page. The first, naturally, is to use the main menu at the top. But, you can also use the main menu by simply scrolling down the page. The home page is divided into 7 regions. Each region covers a different topic. As you scroll down the page, it appears that new pages scroll up. Well, it's easier to just try it out.

On each region of the Home page you are presented with two choices, "read more" and "explore". Read more will take you directly into the main article. Explore will take you to lead-ins of all the articles within a category. Once you have clicked on read more or explore, notice that the main menu has changed. The first button takes you back to the home page. But the other buttons function differently now. Notice the second button is, "Categories". Click on it to bring up tabs of all the different categories listed on the home page, plus some.

Interactive Content With A Smooth Design

Our web site is revamped with responsive technology so you can look us up on any device wherever you might be in the world. On a desktop computer, Android, or tablet? No problem. Our web site content adjusts automatically to fit your screen. Usually, on an android, you will see a single column of content. Whatever device you use, there should be no left or right scrolling unless you use the enlarge function on your device.

The XTCframework, XML, HTML, CSS3 , Bootstrap, and Cloud Based Technologies provide faster response times. Graphics are crisper and colors appear more vibrant. Our goal is to provide a pleasant experience when you visit NetzariTimes.

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Thursday, 17 July 2014 17:00
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