Photo by: Dafna Tal, Eilat 618 Photo by: Dafna Tal, Eilat 618 Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism

A - Aleph

Hebrew Words Beginning With a Aleph; A In English

The aleph is a silent letter that derives its vocalization from the accompanying vowel, but it is not part of the vowel. Here you will see the aleph used with the "a" vocalization while in the E section you will see it vocalized with an "e" functionality as in echad (eh-chad). The o ayin works in the same fashion and you will see it in the E section for erev (er-ev).

lilaaleel (a-leel) – idol

Mililaaleelim (a-leel-eem) – idols plural form

Mila - alim (a-leem) – deities; as in ba-alim (bah-aleem)

zra - aretz (ar-etz) – earth, as in rocks, sand, dirt, minerals; it does not necessarily mean a planet called Earth.



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