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N - Nun

Hebrew Words Beginning With n Nun; N In English


wxn - nachash (na-chash) - is translated into English as, “snake”. In old English it was translated as “serpent”.

aibn - navi (na-vee) – prophet (singular) See “neviim below.

ryn - netzer (net-zer) - tiny shoot; see Isaiah 11:1.

lpnnephil(Neph-il) - to fall, cause to fall, to kill, and to ruin. It means “soulless one”. One that lacks the neshama.

Milpnnephilim (ne-phil-eem) – FALLEN ONES; soulless ones; tyrants (feller);(plural form of nephil). Hominids that lack the human neshama, the soul of humanity. Notice that “nephilim” has nothing to do with giants; it doesn’t even mean big.

hlpn - nephiletta (ne-phil-etta) – felled, as in past tense.

emwn - neshama (ne-sha-ma) – soul; the human soul; soul of humanity. Notice that in Hebrew neshama ends with a hei. What does that indicate? See hei, above.

Miaibn - neviim – (Nev-ee-eem) – prophets (plural); also the name of the second section of the Hebrew Tanakh.


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