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Y - Yod

Hebrew Words Beginning With i Yod; Y In English 

euei - Yahooah (Ya-hoo-ah) – the Tetragrammation of the name of our Elohim, Yahooah.

bqoi - Yaachov (Ya-chov) – Jacob the patriarch, son of Yitzchak - (Isaac), grandson of Awraham (Abraham). It is also used to allude to the name James as in the brother of Yeshua; but it isn't really "James" as there is no Hebrew word for "James". The English rendering was strictly a Hellenized concoction. The "New Testament" character, "St James" was given to the brother of Yeshua by the Hellenists in honor of King James I of England. The actual name of Yeshua's brother was bqoi - Yaachov - Jacob. He was actually known as "Jacob the Righteous" or "Jacob the Just" from qidye bqoi - Yaachov haTsadiq (tsa-deeq) by the followers of Yeshua. 

Miarn Mimi - yamim noraim (Ya-meem Nora-im) - Days of Awe; from the 1st of Tishri (see Yom Teruah below) to the 10th of Tishri; the 10th day is Yom Kippur (see below).The shofars of Yom Teruah alert us to the Yamim Noraim, to search our hearts for the wrongs we have done throughout the past year. It is not commanded, but it is a good thing to practice.

laqzxi - Yechzekiel (Yech-ze-ki-el) – Ezekiel the prophet.

ouwi - Yeshua (Ye-shoo-ah) - the Hebrew Messiah. Spelled and pronounced exactly the same in Hebrew and English.

ore ryi - yetzer hara (yetser ha'ra) – the bad (evil) inclination. There actually is no equivalent in Hebrew for the English "evil". There is only good (tov) and bad (ra).

bute ryi - yetzer hatov (yetser ha'tov)– the good inclination.

larwiYisrael (yis-ra-el) – the nation of YHWH.

Mui - yom – day.

rupke Mui - Yom haKippur (yom ha'kip-purr) – day of atonement. The 6th of YHWH’s moedim feasts. The second of YHWH’s fall feasts.

unhxmw Mui - Yom Simchateinu, (yom sim-cat-eh-nue) is “Day of our Rejoicing” on Chag haSukkot (see above). It is similar to Z’man Simchateinu below. It’s all part of the joyous celebration and festivities of Sukkot.

eourh Mui - Yom Teruah (yom te-ru-ah) day of shofar blowing; feast of trumpets. The fifth of YHWH’s moedim feasts; the first of the fall feasts of YHWH.

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