Photo by: Dafna Tal, Negev 509 Photo by: Dafna Tal, Negev 509 Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism

E - Aleph & Ayin

 Hebrew Words Beginning With a Aleph And o Ayin; E In English

If confused, refer back to the A section above.

dxaechad (eh-chad) – one.

ieula - Elohei (el-o-hei) - mighty ones.

unielaEloheinu (el-o-hei-nue) – our Elohim.

Mieula - Elohim (el-o-heem) - mighty ones. When YHWH is referred to as Elohim it is in the plural sense of quality rather than quantity as He is our all-in-all. Elohim is unique to Hebrew and occurs in no other Semitic language.

broerev (er-ev) – evening.

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