Author Unknown, Ruins at Korazim Author Unknown, Ruins at Korazim Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Sh - Shin

Hebrew Words Beginning With w Shin; Sh In English

hbw - Shabbat (Shab-bot) – Sabbath, the 7th day; established by YHWH at creation. Genesis 2:2-3

etmw - shemitah (shmee-tah) – seventh year; the Sabbath year for the earth to fully rest.

Mimwshamayim (sha-ma-yim) – heavens.

luaw - Shaul (sha-ool) – a King of Israel

humw - Shemot (sha-mot) – Exodus.

omwsh’mah (sh-mah) – listen (hear and listen, intently), take to heart.

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