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M - Mem

Hebrew Words Beginning With m Mem; M In English

Miwam - ma’ashim (ma-a-sheem) – accuser, in Hebrew this is like the prosecuting attorney that presents the accusations against a defendant, it is not likened to an evil entity but, rather, carries out the will of YHWH.

Kalm - malak – messenger. Often translated as “angel”. Notice how closely malak and melek, below, are spelled.

MKalm - malakim – messengers; plural form of malak above.

xiwm - Mashiyach (Meh-shee-och) - “Messiah”.

wdq iarqm - mekra-i kadosh (mee-kra-ee ka-dosh) – sacred occasion.

Klm - melek (mel-ek) – king. Notice the close similarity between melek (king) and malak (messenger – angel)

inm - Meni (mee-nee) – the name of a pagan Canaanite/Syrian deity meaning, “destiny”. Meni is associated with the planet Venus, one of the two morning stars, and Venus is the sign of fertility in the ancient pagan mythologies. Meni is also associated with g-d, “fortune, luck” and, “son of dawn” which alludes to Jupiter, the other morning star.

erunmMenorah (Me-nor-ah) – the 7 brance, 7 lamp, lampstand representing the sevenfold Spirit of Mashiyach Yeshua.

euqmmikveh (mik-veh) – ritual bath. What is referred to in Christianity as “baptism”. New converts would often mikveh together in the ritual bath, a stream, or a river; rather than individual immersion as a practice.

uiwrwm - mishrasheve (mish-ra-sheve) – roots.

Midum - Moedim (mo-eh-deem) – set times; appointments

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