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H - Hei

Hebrew Words Beginning With e Hei; H In English 

ekle - halacha (ha-la-cha) – the way to walk.

ioibwe - hashbe’ee (hash-be-ee) – seventh.

eldbehavdalah (Hav-da-lah) – separation; the ceremony that closes the Sabbath between sundown and dusk; Known as “separation from the Sabbath”.

e - hei - (hey) serves as the English “h”; and as “the” or “of” when it prefaces a word. It can also change the meaning of a sentence to a question such as hodi yadata “You knew” becoming hodie hay’yadata which means, “You knew?” When placed at the end of a word the hei often indicates the word is feminine as in xur (Ruach) spirit – see below. Another example is “bath” Sheba meaning “daughter” of Sheba. It can also mean direction. Nupy tzafon (North) becomes enupy tzafona (towards the North) by adding the hei to the end.

llie - heylel (hey-lel) – shining one. It has the same meaning as the Greek ωσφόρος phosphorus and the Latin Lucifer.

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