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B - Beyt

Hebrew Words Beginning With b Beyt (bet); B In English

iaqrb - barkee - (bar-kee) morning star – also known as, “ben sakar” son of dawn (see below); a remez (hint) to the planet Jupiter which is also a title of the Kings of Babylon.

Mieulaeinb - Benei ha'Elohim, - Sons of G-d. Ben is Hebrew for “son” and benei is the plural form, “sons”. See "Sons of G-d" in Genesis 6:2. For the definition of Genesis 6:2 go to Romans 8:14.

hiwarb - Bereshit (bare-eh-sheet) - is the first book in the Hebrew scriptures and it means “In the beginning” It is translated to English as “Genesis”.

rxw-Nb - ben sakar (ben sa-kar) – son of dawn; a remez (hint) to the planet Jupiter and the Kings of Babylon. see “barkee” above.

rqub - boker (bo-ker) – morning.

ewrxhirb - Brit Chadasha (Brit Cha-da-sha) – the new covenant, or more accurately, the renewed covenant. The first covenant that Israel broke was sealed with the blood of animals. When a man divorces his wife and she becomes intimate with another, the first husband cannot take her back without there first being the shedding of blood, a sacrifice. Only after the blood sacrifice can the betrothal or marriage covenant be renewed. YHWH renewed His covenant with Israel and with Judah with the blood sacrifice of Yeshua haMashiyach. Yeremiyahu (Jeremiah) 31:31. The covenant is not made with any other nation.

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