Photo by: Dafna Tal, Negev 522 Photo by: Dafna Tal, Negev 522 Courtesy of Israeli Ministry of Tourism

D - Dalet

Hebrew Words Beginning With d Dalet; D In English

dud - Daveed (Da-veed) – a Klm melek (king) of Israel.

hddat (dat) – religion; erroneously translated as “law” in Daniel 7:25.

Miubd - Devarim (De-var-eem) – Deuteronomy.

almad - (d’mala – deh-ma-la) – to make complete, to make whole; it is erroneously translated to English as "fulfill". Yeshua came to d’mala (make complete - whole) the Torah and the prophets; not to fulfill and abolish. ~ Matthew 5:17

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